I am Ruud van Bragt, a Dutch photographer based in Breda. Working on The Trouvé Series (pictured below) I refined my view on the public space and urban interventions. As a lifetime (25+ years) skateboarder I instinctively started to redefine public spaces and this mindset has been with me ever since. The public space is a nursery for creativity where everyone can find their own style.

Together with Kjell van Ginkel I started The Public Space Gallery as a necessity to redefine "what is" into endless opportunities and creations.


I am Kjell van Ginkel, a Dutch artist and educator living in Brazil. As artist I'm known as MESMO and you can find my work in places ranging from art galleries to trash cans on the streets.

Right now I'm doing research about Urban Interventions and Public Education for my Master in Education at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp) in Brazil.

 © 2011-2014.  The Trouvé Series  by Ruud van Bragt and Kjell van Ginkel (MESMO).

© 2011-2014. The Trouvé Series by Ruud van Bragt and Kjell van Ginkel (MESMO).


the public space gallery

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